Custom Made


Your company is unique and so is your need for informations and inspiration.

pinklemon is specialized in custom made research, design, concepts and trend solutions.

Studying the marked for upcoming tendencies and trends, we travel, shop and search all over to gather inspiration and informations about lifestyle and emotions that can influence the future trends.

Using our intuition and know how we evaluate and select the trends and informations relevant for your company; describing and visualizing them to your demands and needs.

Trend books


trendbooks-3Based on our knowledge about the general trends, our intuition and our insight in your company we create custom made trend books suitable for your needs.

To save you time in today’s overload of informations we evaluate the tendencies and select the relevant trend and colour stories for your specific working area and target group.

The trend and colour stories are presented in booklets and/or power points and are always supported with a verbal presentation.

Our customers generally use the custom made trend books as buying manuals, collection guide lines, marketing/branding inspiration etc..


Trend talks



A trend talk is an excellent tool for new inspiration. Through power points we visualize and explain the trends for the relevant season.

Customers and target groups are not alike and neither are our presentations. Each presentation is individual and adjusted to your working area and target group.

Use a trend talk as a kick off to the new season giving your employes a better insight in the coming tendencies/trends and in the lifestyle of your customers.



Trend areas



pinklemon makes trend areas for different kinds of fairs. based on our interpretation of the trends we create  trend stories and visualize them for your customers.

Moving in different seasons and various fields pinklemon deliver a total solution and make your trend area inspiring and understandable for your visitors.



pinklemon work with concept developments that are obvious, simple and easy to communicate.

pinklemon cover every angel from establishing and visualizing the target group,to graphic identity/branding, actual design of the relevant products and presentations.

pinklemon can start from scratch creating a new concept or renew the existing with the required respect for your company traditions and values.

Brainstorming with your company is of great importance in the process combined with research, intuition and know how.



pinklemon is specialized in different types of design and collection work; from the most feminine and delicate lingerie to outerwear, kids wear, sportswear and menswear.

In a combination of ability to read the marked and company knowledge, we can supply you with full or partial collections, made for your customers at the right time.

The design process is made with full respect and understanding for your company and customers requests.



pinklemon have experience in different types of design and collection development for the interior sector; from carpet design to household textiles and industrial products.

We create print stories and products in close collaboration with your company to ensure the right balance between company and product.

The design process is made with full respect and understanding for your company and customers request.





From graphic identity to print stories pinklemon can provide your company with personal, individual and to the point solutions;

Hangtags and label.


Personalized accessories.

Writing papers, envelopes, business cards etc.

Catalogues and brochures.


Prints for clothing and interior.