Mega Trends

Friday 10.july

When we deliver our seasonal trend talks for customers, we do also give a talk about our version of the megatrends that are likely to influence our way of living and acting in the future. The following 3 stories are part of our present mega trend presentation. 


“We are finally starting to react to the increasing threats against our environment. We are heading towards a regular industrial revolution where all waste products are required to be degradable in order to enter into an eternal cycle, where everything is reused - an ecological storm is  sweeping over our planet.”


“The demography of the populations are changing - a parisian citizen has much more in common with citizens from other metropoles than with a french farmer. Our fellow-feeling is much more influenced by our way of living than by our than by our nationality, communication is travelling fast and across borders.”


“Is the fair the retail of the future? The consumers are demanding more challange, more fun and more adventures to keep on spending money on products, they actuallly do not need! The ways of shopping need to be updated big time. Think differently -direct and personally. There is a need for more imagination, fantasy and provocation.”