publications-4pinklemon publish mega trend books and seasonal trend books.

Through images, words, colours and materials the books express trends and tendencies for the coming seasons.

The trends are presented as a combination of power points and trend talks for companies. The session lasts approximately 2½ hours and is designed to reach your working area.

Both books and trend talks are developed to reach different branches
within the creative sector.

Mega trends


The mega trend book is a forecast of important tendencies, which may have an impact on our lifestyle.

Through inspiring pictures and words the mega tend book describe the different trends that can influence our way of acting as citizens and consumers.

The mega trend book is based on research, intuition and know how and is continuously revised and evaluated.

Seasonal trends

seasonal-trend-1Twice a year - 11/2 year ahead in January (spring/summer) and august
(autumn/winter) pinklemon create a seasonal trend book.

The trend book is based on our general knowledge about trends and
lifestyle, research, intuition, and know how.
Depending on the actual season it consists of 4-6 trend stories, supported with inspiring pictures, key words and colour ranges.

The trend book gives an overall view and is an excellent source of inspiration for the coming season. It is a useful tool for all companies in need of informations regarding colours and trends.

Trend talks


pinklemon creates direct and personal trend talks based on the trends
and informations from the mega trend book and the seasonal trend

The trend talk is presented in a combination of power point, music and
talk and delivered in a clear and inspiring way.

The trend talk is suitable and relevant for design, production and marketing.
Sales department, buying groups and retailers.